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Maeve Jones

Hi, I’m Maeve Jones. I’m a human and life enthusiast living in Whistler, BC. With others, I share yoga and nature as access points to joy and infinite peace. I consider myself an instrument of magic, and I’m known for warmth, lightness, and the gentle spirit of playfulness I bring to the world. My own journey supports yoga as a tool for truth and self-realization; yoga to me means anything that brings joy and a sense of true well-being. Your well-being runs deep. Discovering it is pure magic.

I own Whistler Kids Yoga and regularly guide local children through yoga, movement, storytelling, self-awareness and the brilliance of life. I also lead adult yoga classes locally with the Whistler Adaptive Sports program, at White Gold Yoga and at Whistler Yogacara.

When not teaching, you’ll find me prancing around Whistler’s beautiful coastal rainforests, entrancing others through hula hoopdance and fun acrobatic feats. I occasionally guide canoe trips, and I thoroughly enjoy riding my bike through the forest to take in the sunrise at a nearby lake. Ask me about my prancing practice. And join me for a new perspective through hiking today!