Joel Koester

With a love for spending time with people outside, exploring the world and nature, and for teaching, Joel loves being part of the Kaf Team and Family. Filled with compassion, joy and an incredible positive energy, he looks forward to every trip he has the privilege to participate on and every participant he gets the opportunity to meet, teach, and learn from.

Joel was born in WA State and has spent over 10 years traveling and living around the world. A large amount of this time was spent between Hong Kong and China, and Joel speaks Mandarin, Chinese. He has also traveled extensively in South East Asia, Europe and India, and from these adventures, has developed a great appreciation for the diversity that the world has to offer.

Despite all the international travel, the Pacific North West is home. In his free time you will find Joel doing something cool with someone cool, most likely outside, be it climbing, backpacking, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, yoga, etc.

Joel is a certified Remote Emergency Medical Technician, and an American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor.

With a BA in East Asian Studies and a Masters in Business, Joel supports KAF in any way he can. Look forward to seeing his smiling face on one of your upcoming trips!